It has been a while since we updated our community on our latest developments. This isn’t because we have been quiet, it’s exactly the opposite.

This weeks update shines a light on everything we have achieved over the last period with a few hints at more to come

Client Partnerships

Since our last update, we have struck partnerships and onboarded multiple clients which include organizations from the DeFi, NFT, and gaming sectors. In total, we have partnered with 6 additional clients, not to mention some recent partners that we will also announce shortly.

Below is a summary of the amazing companies we…

In this week's update, we highlight some of our most recent developments whilst also discussing some exciting updates we have coming very soon.

Once again, we have been extremely busy on all fronts, from client onboarding to Dev work and a special project we are keeping under wraps for now.

New Client Partnerships

Over the past week, we have announced not one, but two new client partnerships. These boast a wealth of experience in the crypto sector whilst offering a high degree of disruptive influence in the sectors in which they operate.

The Collective: Apollo Space Token (AST)

We were extremely pleased to onboard AST and are excited to…

While the dev team at Collective is busy BUIDLING, we thought to get you some succulent updates this Sunday. Feeling excited? So are we!


It has been an exhilarating journey so far. We managed to get things done and are proudly on track with our roadmap.

  1. We recently got listed on Stex with ETH and USDT pairs.
  2. Bridged CO2 to BSC network and launched bCO2 farming with some juicy APY. If you want to bridge your CO2 to bCO2 then you can follow this tutorial — Happy farming!
  3. Bridged CO2 to the Polygon network. We are yet to…

Partnerships, Partnerships and more Partnerships

It has been yet another busy period for THE COLLECTIVE team, so here’s a roundup of all our latest developments, which include multiple partnership announcements, progressive Dev work and an overhaul of our unique service offering.


Since our last update we have on-boarded two new exciting clients, both of which have huge potential and are already making huge waves in the crypto sector.

  1. MEMEX: There is currently a huge demand in this sector as recently witnessed with Doge and Shib. We have teamed up with MEMEX and will be working closely over the coming months to facilitate their growth plans…

It has been 2 weeks since the last update but we felt it worth the wait. With so much hinging on legal requirements, we had to wait to make a number of developments public. Now that the ink is dry, we are able to forge ahead and are collectively confident that each, in its own right will pay dividends.

We have spent considerable effort in assisting our partner companies #KOTH and #GMNG whilst ensuring THE COLLECTIVE road-map remains very much on track.

  • Partnership with James Hakim (Founder) and Moe Carrim (CFO)from the #Curate project. We have worked with these guys…

‘When all seems silent, you know we are busy’

Once again, it has been a very busy week for THE COLLECTIVE team. Much work has been put into client/partnership development whilst our Dev team has been pushing forward at blistering speed with CoinRushGo.

There has also been a LOT of discussions with other Crypto-based organisations around potential collaboration and partnership which our business development and C-Level Management have been working on.

This week, the team have had a heavy hand in marketing facilitation for #KOTH, which includes the creation of a full FAQ document for its community and the organisation…

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success” Edward Everett Hale

This has been another action packed week for us at The Collective, resulting in TWO brand new partnerships (more below) and successful listings on crypto’s top analytic portals. The business development and Dev teams have been hard at work building our software infrastructure whilst engaging with a multitude of crypto organisations, forging lasting and symbiotic relationships.

Here are some of the key highlights from the past week:

  • Appointment of a dedicated game developer within The Collective
  • Successful listings of the CO2 token on CoinGeko

Unigems: Q

Can both of you please introduce yourselves and your background? How big is your team and what is their experience like within this space?


My name is David Payton, I’m the COO of the Collective 2.0 I got my start in crypto in 2017 as one of the original admins of Electroneum. The largest ICO in history by number of investors. Since then I’ve helped turn that knowledge into a thriving company. I’m full time crypto as of 2018, and I’ve spent thousands of hours studying this space.

UniGems: Q

This space can get exhausting…

Work never stops for us at THE COLLECTIVE and we have been hard at it again. This week we have put a lot of effort into kick-starting our ecosystem, general crypto housekeeping and a fair amount of business development to boot.

We are now building on strong foundations and feel very confident for the coming months. Some items we can hint at, but painfully we cannot disclose full details until all legal papers have been signed.

Here are the key highlights from the past 7 days:

  • Launch of #CO2 Farming through Unicrypt. …

‘Start as you mean to go on’

Following hot on the heels of our ILO launch, this is exactly what we have done. It has been another action packed week where a number of initiatives have been launched, marketing has stepped up a gear and C-level Management have been relentless in their mission to hit all the goals of THE COLLECTIVE road-map. Since our last update, below are just some of the events that have taken place over the last 7 days:

  • Live AMA with CryptoRoyals with a $100 USDT Giveaway
  • Week Long Meme Contest with a $150 #CO2 Giveaway

The Collective

The Collective views itself as essential to provide full turnkey support to new and established projects in all aspects from community development and marketing

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