Recap, Trading Competiton & CoinRushGo — Some Important Updates

While the dev team at Collective is busy BUIDLING, we thought to get you some succulent updates this Sunday. Feeling excited? So are we!


It has been an exhilarating journey so far. We managed to get things done and are proudly on track with our roadmap.

CoinRushGO Dev Work

The road ahead is always focused on building and delivering. We are extensively working on our flagship game CoinRushGo and we can proudly say that the alpha launch is within some weeks.

For those who can’t wait, here are some shots sent to us by our dev team:

We believe CoinRushGo will bring hundreds of thousands of new users into the crypto space. With people getting their hands on ‘free crypto’ and ‘NFTs’, expect a PokemonGo-like revolution in the crypto industry. Btw, PokemonGo had 100M+ downloads ;)

This what Mizuki Capital had to say about CRG in their blog:

The Collective is developing a game called CoinRushGo. It is their self-funded “augmented reality video game” from The Collective’s video game division (yes, they have a video game division). The game’s earning system is a simple and effective one. Clients pay for in-game advertising with CO2 and players find their tokens while playing. A great example is when a company wants to raise awareness of its native crypto. CoinRushGo then features their coins in form of rewards for gamers. A player that finds the token will be able to read a short description of the token and find links to the advertiser’s social media.

If you want to be one of the first to experience CRG, signup here:

I am excited, now what?

We are launching a trading competition on with a total reward of $4000. You can channelise your excitement by participating here. Remember, if you are not interested in trading, then you can still redeem CO2 tokens by farming on BSC. Link at the top of this article.

Rules: The top 25 traders with a net-buy volume (Buys minus Sells) will be eligible to receive prizes in relation to their ranking with the exceeding amount of 4000$! Participants will be ranked in a descending order of net buy volume of CO2. STEX will credit rewards directly to the winner’s CO2 wallets on accounts.

More details:


Psssttt. Keep this a secret! We are launching a buyback program along with this Trading competition. We are committed to CO2 and we will keep supporting it.

We are looking to make these tokens available on CRG so that players can buy them for powerups, win CO2 etc.

Once CoinRushGo is launched, we believe that there will be a huge supply shortage — courtesy of CO2 tokenomics with only 500k tokens remaining in total supply.

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