Setting the Stage for Upcoming Updates — Most Importantly CO2 Utility

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3 min readFeb 21, 2022

Things have been quite exciting here. Wish we could get you access to our dev rooms — without letting you sign an NDA of course!

Irrespective of the current market conditions, developments on our side are juicy and address all the concerns that we have been collecting from our community, partners and most importantly ‘clients’. Immediately, without any more delay, we would like to assure our community that the CO2 token utility is our top priority now. Implementation of the token into a real ecosystem starts with integrating it in our P2E CoinRushGo game and it just doesn't end there.

CoinRushGo on Play Store

We are currently collaborating with an artist from CTV for cross-promoting NFTs. And we are open to talking to any artist interested.

If you have been following us since we started putting our efforts into making CoinRushGo a reality, you already know — at the heart of #CRG — every item can be converted, exchanged and traded as NFTs. Items that you buy, win or receive as rewards from quests will have tangible value on the internet through the power of NFTs.

An early release of CRG NFTs | 3d Avatars | Metaverse and more

We are in preparation for generating avatars that you already see in the game. Yes, it's funny that we are doing it the opposite way :)

People first generate avatars and then promise to deliver a game — which may or may not happen.

We believe in delivering and we have presented a ‘doable’ product to the market that further demonstrates our vision. Here is a sneak peek of us generating the head of our avatar. This just isn't it, we are preparing for the whole body along with different traits and specialities like you see in the game. The below screenshot is from early February and since then, ample progress has been made.

We haven't yet decided on the total number of avatars that we are going to release in the market because one of the most important items in the roadmap will be delivering a fully rigged 3d avatar later to each NFT holder.

With our NFT holders having 3d avatars, they can hang out in popular metaverses. Our top priority, for now, is Somnium Space and just after the initial NFT drop, we will be pacing ourselves to release the 3d ones and have them integrated into the metaverse.

As people buy in, win and flaunt the #CRG NFTs, it will bring volume to CO2 as our game economy is powered by the CO2 token.

New LinkedIn Division for Sales

We have started a new sales division that targets leads through LinkedIn, the leads will bring us cash reserves as we provide our conventional crypto marketing consultancy and advisory packages. Our main focus is to get partners along the NFT area that allows us to cross-market the NFT products and also provide them with the opportunity to feature their NFT in our game while we are in the early stage of the upcoming boom. This will again bring thousands of users from their platform to our game and hence benefit both the ecosystems including the CO2 token that powers the game economy.

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