Setting the Stage for Upcoming Updates — Most Importantly CO2 Utility

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An early release of CRG NFTs | 3d Avatars | Metaverse and more

We are in preparation for generating avatars that you already see in the game. Yes, it's funny that we are doing it the opposite way :)

New LinkedIn Division for Sales

We have started a new sales division that targets leads through LinkedIn, the leads will bring us cash reserves as we provide our conventional crypto marketing consultancy and advisory packages. Our main focus is to get partners along the NFT area that allows us to cross-market the NFT products and also provide them with the opportunity to feature their NFT in our game while we are in the early stage of the upcoming boom. This will again bring thousands of users from their platform to our game and hence benefit both the ecosystems including the CO2 token that powers the game economy.

About Us

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The Collective

The Collective

The Collective views itself as essential to provide full turnkey support to new and established projects in all aspects from community development and marketing