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The Collective
3 min readMay 9, 2021

Partnerships, Partnerships and more Partnerships

It has been yet another busy period for THE COLLECTIVE team, so here’s a roundup of all our latest developments, which include multiple partnership announcements, progressive Dev work and an overhaul of our unique service offering.


Since our last update we have on-boarded two new exciting clients, both of which have huge potential and are already making huge waves in the crypto sector.

  1. MEMEX: There is currently a huge demand in this sector as recently witnessed with Doge and Shib. We have teamed up with MEMEX and will be working closely over the coming months to facilitate their growth plans. MEMEX is the first cross-chain automated market-making (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX), Yield Farming, and Staking platform on BSC fully dedicated for hosting MEME themed tokens.
  2. Hup.Life: Similar to MEMEX, we are supporting this amazing project, supporting their vision and growth trajectory through our professional services. HUP isn’t just a fairly-launched project that automatically rewards holders, burns tokens and contributes to charity with every transaction, discourages speculation through anti-whale dumping mechanisms and determines its future through novel 1 Wallet, 1 Vote community governance. They are fundamentally Transforming The Value of NFTs.
  3. Mizuki Capital: The partnership with our now partner, Mizuki Capital is a huge milestone for the company. Partnership with the UK based Venture Capital firm has ensured full and stable funding for THE COLLECTIVE whilst providing our existing and future clients wider VC opportunities if required.

Enhancing our Services

We have continued to reinforce our unique service offering as our client-base continues to grow. This is vital for all parties involved as our relationships are symbiotic in nature. We feel very strongly that we are only as good as our last job and to that end, are on a journey of constant improvement.

  • Streamlined SEO: Our department has grown so that we can provide support to all clients. Our service targets the core team and our clients to gain more followers through twitter. We have been working on backlinks, domain growth and keywords on client sites to increase organic growth.
  • Enhanced AMA support: Jordan of Bounty0x has been key in growing this arm of our company, with support of two additional staff. We now have two dedicated AMA groups which we are actively growing. We are also working on another partnership which is yet to be announced.


Our Dev team have been hard at work on the CoinRushGo Game and are still on target for Q2. This is very dear to our hearts and will open up a whole new ecosystem and utility for us and CO2.

Lastly, although it is not official yet. we will be employing a Business Development Manager later this month. This is great news for us and demonstrates strength in our recent growth. A strong BD presence will help us drive further market penetration and increase our visibility in the market.


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