The Collective: Week in Review

The Collective
3 min readJun 28, 2021

In this week's update, we highlight some of our most recent developments whilst also discussing some exciting updates we have coming very soon.

Once again, we have been extremely busy on all fronts, from client onboarding to Dev work and a special project we are keeping under wraps for now.

New Client Partnerships

Over the past week, we have announced not one, but two new client partnerships. These boast a wealth of experience in the crypto sector whilst offering a high degree of disruptive influence in the sectors in which they operate.

The Collective: Apollo Space Token (AST)

We were extremely pleased to onboard AST and are excited to see how this partnership develops, especially considering the unique value proposition offered by the team.

Apollo Space Token’s mission is to educate the world by creating an industry-first, decentralized database of cosmic information that functions on both an educational and commercial level. This database known as Star Registry Database 1 ( SRDB1), will become home to many unique NFTs that represent various cosmic bodies. Each entry (data and artistic) that is processed into SRDB1 will be vetted for its accuracy as database integrity is crucial to AST’s educational/commercial purpose.

$AST is currently tradeable on PancakeSwap and registered on Coingeko

The Collective: Etho Protocol

Our second client to be announced this week was Ethoprotocol which prioritizes decentralization over everything else. The Etho Protocol is a decentralized project to its core. The project was born out of a dream to build an entirely democratized internet, free from the centralized hands of corporate greed, where all data and information is completely held in the public domain, giving governance of this data back to the masses via consensus and democracy.

$ETHO has multiple exchanges under its belt including Kucoin and a number of DEX’s and can be found on CoinGeko.

CoinRushGO: Test Alpha

As many of you are aware, we have been extremely busy bringing to fruition our ‘Golden Egg’ which is CoinRushGo. The game is the underlying driving force behind The Collective and today, we can proudly announce we are one step closer to our full release. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Coinrushgo:

Watch this space because there’s WAY more to come from our DEV team on $CRG.

Other Developments

Our fourth and final announcement is more of a veiled development. We are not quite ready to share the full details yet but we can divulge that we have a very exciting Unicorn App in the making. Needless to say that we are putting a lot of effort into this project and can see a huge adoption model for the finished product. We will of course release more information as we continue to cement the foundations of this exciting product and bring it to market.

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