The Collective: Week in Review

Work never stops for us at THE COLLECTIVE and we have been hard at it again. This week we have put a lot of effort into kick-starting our ecosystem, general crypto housekeeping and a fair amount of business development to boot.

We are now building on strong foundations and feel very confident for the coming months. Some items we can hint at, but painfully we cannot disclose full details until all legal papers have been signed.

Here are the key highlights from the past 7 days:

  • Launch of #CO2 Farming through Unicrypt. Currently 6 farmers with a current yield of 1,503% APY (in Dollar value)

To catch up on all our previous highlights, be sure to scroll through our previous weekly updates. We will continue to update our community each week but will generally release mid-week announcements through our social media handles.

Team locked:

AMAlovers Update:

White Paper:









CoinrushGo Game:



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The Collective

The Collective views itself as essential to provide full turnkey support to new and established projects in all aspects from community development and marketing