THE COLLECTIVE: Week in Review

It has been 2 weeks since the last update but we felt it worth the wait. With so much hinging on legal requirements, we had to wait to make a number of developments public. Now that the ink is dry, we are able to forge ahead and are collectively confident that each, in its own right will pay dividends.

We have spent considerable effort in assisting our partner companies #KOTH and #GMNG whilst ensuring THE COLLECTIVE road-map remains very much on track.

  • Partnership with James Hakim (Founder) and Moe Carrim (CFO)from the #Curate project. We have worked with these guys previously are are thrilled with this new collaboration. The duo are joining us as our advisors with the aim of helping us in maintaining healthy connections in the space as well as advise us on our NFT supported game. We also aim to integrate #CO2 into as many robust ecosystems out there with their support.










CoinrushGo Game:



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The Collective

The Collective views itself as essential to provide full turnkey support to new and established projects in all aspects from community development and marketing