THE COLLECTIVE: Week in Review

  • SEO Department set-up. This has been a long time coming but we finally got the structure in place to launch this arm to THE COLLECTIVE. Not only is this a great step forward for us and raising the profile of our website but also that of our associates. Organic ranking is a must have, especially in a space as congested as ‘Crypto’.
  • With the successful climax of our first #Farming round, we decided to continue offering these benefits to those community members. To that end we have recently begun a new round of farming through Unicrypt.
  • Trustwallet updated. Currently over 5 million people Worldwide use Trust Wallet. It was one of the outstanding crypto apps for us to have updated. We can now say this has been achieved.
  • Koth v Crypto Rich AMA. As you know, it’s not all about us so we were happy to be able to facilitate a great AMA session between our partner, King of The Hill and Crypto Rich.
  • CoinRushGo Progress. With the recent deployment of our additional Dev members, the team were able to release functional updates displaying the games base layer. Work continues in earnest, with a Q2 target for release.
  • CLS v THE COLLECTIVE partnership. This was another deal signed within the last week with Crypto firm, Coin Liquidity Solutions. The expert firm will help and provide a number of services including currency support, MM, liquidity and further fundraising opportunities.



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The Collective

The Collective

The Collective views itself as essential to provide full turnkey support to new and established projects in all aspects from community development and marketing